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SO MANY reasons to vote NO;                   So few to vote yes...

When we compare the pros and cons, the answer should be crystal clear.


A Vote YES means:

  • I want TWU to represent me, and have complete faith that they will make the changes I want at VX.

A vote NO means:

  • I want teammates to come together to represent themselves, with autonomy and without dues going to any outside entity which may not always have VX interests at heart
  • I want ALL teammates to have a say in which options are best for us - from another union which is better-run than TWU, to the possibility of an in-house association
  • I want more time to really find out what TWU is like, how they run, who is in charge there, and whether they reflect my workgroup and will truly look out for OUR interests
  • I feel that a union isn't needed at this time, but may very well be needed later
  • I don't want to pay into a union at all. Ever.
  • I respect all of my teammates and want them to have the option to join a union - not to be forced to pay into something they don't believe in, just so they can keep their job
  • I feel that TWU's track record is spotty. They've had officers removed at Local 556, have spent 3.5 years at Allegiant and still have no contract, and have 22 men at the top of their payroll before a female name finally appears on the list. They'd need to clean up their act before I could support that
  • I can go back to TWU in another year if I'm still unhappy with VX management, and vote them in
  • I'm tired of management's inconsistencies, but feel TWU isn't going to do anything to change that
  • TWU's campaign has already been divisive, and I just don't want that kind of contention at my workplace - or even the chance that it might be another layer of my job here
  • I already feel like we have to watch out for management, since they haven't always dont what they've said they'll do. But adding another entity to this just makes me worry that I'll have to keep my eye on TWO groups of potentially sketchy people. 


LOTS of reasons could apply to a NO vote. It buys us all more time to see how the IPO affects our culture, without throwing more into the mix. A contract will freeze our pay and benefits indefinitely.
A Yes vote simply locks us into an organization which Southwest flight attendants aren't even all that happy with.

What will your vote be? Only YOU can decide.

Guess What?

You HAVE a Contract

You HAVE a Seat at the Table

You HAVE California Labor Law Protections

And you DON'T even pay dues for all of this!



You're Protected By Current California Labor Law!

What you HAVEN'T been informed of by TWU is that you are currently protected by a massive number of California Labor Laws!

So when you hear things like, "We need to be protected!" or "You can be fired for any reason, no questions asked!", you should know that this is simply untrue.

Visit the California State Labor Board's website and see for yourself!


Next question?? :)


You Have a Seat at the Table - ALREADY!

Are you saying I already have a voice...??


That's EXACTLY what we're saying! You have the ability - RIGHT NOW - to walk into a supervisor's office and speak privately about your concern. You can email or call management to bring up any aspect of your work life and give feedback.


If you had a union contract, you'd unfortunately be limited to what you can and cannot discuss with your management and supervisors. You'd need to go through TWU to communicate anything you wanted changed. It would be passed along, considered, and maybe find it's way to the "proposals" for the next contract. In a few years.


So when you hear people insisting that you need a voice at "the Table", you can sit back and realize that you're already at the Table - with ALL of your fellow ITMs and management. And there's no thick glass or cabin divider between you.


Wonderful, isn't it?  :)

You Already Signed a Contract

Didn't I sign a few papers when I got hired.....?

You definitely did! Whether you remember clearly or just vaguely, you signed a contract with your Airline! You've got a Contract - ALREADY! :-D


You agreed to come to work, to perform to expectations set forth in the Work Rules, AND you were hired for your personality and your ability to think on your feet!


The Airline agreed to provide you with the pay they described, just as described; to give you incredible health, dental and vision benefit options; to give you amazing benefits on a growing number of other airlines, so you can visit people you care about when you're not working, or vacation around the world at insanely low prices; and promised to surround you with people as phenomenal as YOU are.


And here we are - YOUR fellow ITMs - sticking together to keep Virgin pure!

Vote NO with us, and continue to enjoy all of these amazing benefits and this lifestyle, which will likely get in your blood if it isn't already.

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(Please note that this article's references to PILOTS at Southwest needs clarification: Southwest pilots have an in-house, self-made union; not a national, multi-airline third party) 


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We are YOUR Fellow ITMs

You're NOT Alone


Don't be afraid to speak up! And don't be ashamed to LOVE your Airline - after all, they pay your paycheck every month and you've got amazing, passionate, fun coworkers. They put their full faith in YOU when they hired you! No job is perfect, and Virgin America isn't either. 


Despite what you may have heard, there are LOTS of ITMs who are voting NO. A 59% MAJORITY voted NO last time! 
Whether you feel that we don't need a union at all, or you feel that we're better off researching other options (other unions, or an in-house/independent association), WE are your Fellow ITMs who will vote NO to TWU.

What do they make? Here's where some of YOUR dues would go, if we voted TWU in as our third party representatives:


Please send us YOUR testimonial, video clip, or anonymous comments on why you feel strongly we should vote NO on TWU.

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