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Can You Vote for Someone You've Never Seen or Heard Of?

Of COURSE you wouldn't!


But do you know who the TWU National President is?

Have you seen his face? Have you read any words from him? Has he spoken to you, or to anyone you've talked to?

The answers to these questions for the overwhelming majority of us are: NO.


So why are we considering voting in a third party headed by someone we simply do not know?


Here are the FACTS:


1. James Little, the TWU National President, makes $265,678 a year.


2. The top leadership (composing five offices) of TWU National collectively earns $1,164,622 per year. They are also all male. 


3. The first female listed on the payroll is the Executive Secretary. She ranks 9th out of 10 in earnings on the list.


(The List is HERE.)


4. To compare, the annual incomes of the President of the United States, the Vice President, the Majority and Minority Leaders, as well as the top Senator and the top Congressperson total $1,130,400 - $34,222 less than the top leadership of TWU. To be fair, your income tax is not optional, so you pay the salaries of these National leaders. However, they lead the entire nation of 311 million citizens.


5. We heard a lot from our President in the election process about where he stood on issues, and we saw his face, read about him in newspapers, saw him on television, etc. We also know our Vice President, Joe Biden. We know John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi. We know that Daniel Inouye is our Senate President, and John Dingell is the longest serving member of Congress (the Dean).


6. We have not heard from, seen, or met the TWU National Leadership, whose incomes YOUR DUES will pay if TWU is voted in.


So, let's summarize:


-We aren't familiar with the TWU National Leadership.

-The top five TWU leaders make $34,222 more, collectively, than the top six leaders of our Nation.

-We're familiar with the names, voice, and faces of our U.S. President, Vice President, Senate and Congressional Leadership.

-YOUR DUES will pay the incomes of the TWU leaders ($1,164,622 to just the top 5).


SO, in voting Yes for TWU, you're voting yes to give part of your income to people you've never met, and who make more than the leaders of the United States.


Please share these FACTS with your Fellow ITMs - and VOTE NO to TWU.

We are YOUR Fellow ITMs

You're NOT Alone


Don't be afraid to speak up! And don't be ashamed to LOVE your Airline - after all, they pay your paycheck every month and you've got amazing, passionate, fun coworkers. They put their full faith in YOU when they hired you! No job is perfect, and Virgin America isn't either. 


Despite what you may have heard, there are LOTS of ITMs who are voting NO. A 59% MAJORITY voted NO last time! 
Whether you feel that we don't need a union at all, or you feel that we're better off researching other options (other unions, or an in-house/independent association), WE are your Fellow ITMs who will vote NO to TWU.

What do they make? Here's where some of YOUR dues would go, if we voted TWU in as our third party representatives:


Please send us YOUR testimonial, video clip, or anonymous comments on why you feel strongly we should vote NO on TWU.

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