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We built this city no twu, stay virgin and be virgin proud

About Your Teammates

We are a grassroots group of UNFUNDED, individual ITMs who feel strongly that you need to hear both sides of the story.


So far, TWU has been spending money to print flyers, leaving union cards on our aircraft illegally, and setting up a coordinated email and web campaign to influence a Yes vote.

We've come together to show you that many more of your Teammates actually feel that this third party is NOT right for us.


Though we may differ on the reasons, or even want to leave the option of a union in the future on the table, we are united in one cause: to keep TWU out of our airline when it comes time to vote.


Check this site for photos, bios, and info on the many teammates who agree - TWU is NOT for you. It's not for Virgin America. 


No one represents YOU better than YOU! 

We are YOUR Fellow ITMs

You're NOT Alone


Don't be afraid to speak up! And don't be ashamed to LOVE your Airline - after all, they pay your paycheck every month and you've got amazing, passionate, fun coworkers. They put their full faith in YOU when they hired you! No job is perfect, and Virgin America isn't either. 


Despite what you may have heard, there are LOTS of ITMs who are voting NO. A 59% MAJORITY voted NO last time! 
Whether you feel that we don't need a union at all, or you feel that we're better off researching other options (other unions, or an in-house/independent association), WE are your Fellow ITMs who will vote NO to TWU.

What do they make? Here's where some of YOUR dues would go, if we voted TWU in as our third party representatives:


Please send us YOUR testimonial, video clip, or anonymous comments on why you feel strongly we should vote NO on TWU.

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