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What Do Current TWU Members Say About TWU?

These are all quotes directly from CURRENT flight attendants at Southwest. It's tough to argue with those who have actively been part of TWU, and are clearly telling another side of the story....

To all VX ITM's:
While some will attempt to sell you the hype of a Contract, please know the facts. 

The fact is TWU Local 556 has at any one time anywhere from 85 to 125 grievances pending regarding our Contract.
The fact is TWU Local 556 will tell 
each and every one of you just like they tell us here at Local 556 when you have a Contract grievance, "fly now, grieve later". 

Listen to the hype but know the facts.

06 August 2014


Our so called President of Local 556 just circulated a memo to all SWA Flight Attendants where she admitted and confirmed that she believes our Flight Attendant work group is abusing our Contractual sick leave policy. 

So to retaliate agai
nst our own Union she has agreed to deviate from the protective language in our Contract and allow the company to FORCE EVERY SWA Flight Attendant to see a company Doctor if you call in sick. 

If you vote TWU in, you can expect your TWU leadership to get in bed with management as well. Not the leadership you want.

I'm an 18 year FA at Southwest Airlines and stand behind everything you just talked about. Take it from me you do not want TWU as your Union!!!

Don't fall for their claims of Unity! They are all lies!!

TWU has a record of no respect for the democratic process of the VOTE.

There are documented cases where TWU Union leaders have "attempted" to have Union Members disciplined or terminated. THIS is TWU. THIS is not what healthy, normal Unions do.

While we are pay-protected during Irregular Ops, our contract does not prevent us from being re-routed, re-scheduled, flown past 14 hours, or flying after a reduced-rest overnight. We have a "Fly now, grieve later" policy. The company's first objective will always be to protect the operation, whatever the cost. 

Almost everything said is a lie! TWU does not do what they say they will do. We all know you are anxious to have a union represent you..Please don't make the mistake of letting them mislead you down the wrong path. Vote NO!!!

The only thing worse than a completely blank check is a signed blank check. That's what signing on with TWU will be like!

(Quoting from a recent TWU email:) “Your contract will give you control in an industry that is chaotic on its best day..."

Seriously? We are all on reserve from the time that we check in for our trips. We have no contract protections from the point that the company and scheduling dee
m "irregular operations." They have no obligation to explain to us what constitutes "irregular operations"; the only protection we have is for pay. The company has full reign over us from the time we check in for a trip until we leave the airport. It's all smoke and mirrors.

TWU is like a fine tuned politician...promise everything during elections and deliver nothing when the time comes.

So much for the TWU International giving their Locals autonomy....they can "TAKE OVER" your Local at anytime and suspend your elected leaders.

Fight hard against it because you will never be able to get rid of them!!!

This is all about being in the good ole boys group, and if you disagree, it is not democracy, it is out the door for you.

They smell the money that is your dues. How many times do the Flight Attendants at VX have to reject someone before they go away? Once, twice...?
Haven't you already voted twice to tell TWU how you as a work group feel? Why are they not getting the message. Because it's not about you, it's about your money and their need to get at it.

Run VX, run before you can't!

[If they get in] Virgin America is required to cough up 30 percent of your dues every month and hand it over to TWU International. You get no choice, you get no pay and you pay and you pay.

Now they want to represent you REALLY? How much can you REALLY trust a wolf in Sheep's clothing? Be careful VIRGIN,the wolves are circling.

(On conflicting petitions for gates at DAL) This contradiction is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to TWU.

Do Not Vote these Crooks IN because they only want your Money.

You oughta see some of the hateful comments from some of the TWU 556 loyals to those who dare oppose them in any way, shape or form. They are despicable and vicious. You all need to run, and run away as fast as you can! You don't want to be part of that! Our local and TWU has been taken over by rabid, radical self serving thugs!

[If they get in] Virgin America is required to cough up 30 percent of your dues every month and hand it over to TWU International. You get no choice, you get no pay and you pay and you pay.

Do not vote TWU 556. Save yourselves!

They will, are & have lied to you! I've seen it in writing, in black & white.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Anything that will get TWU more $$$ a bunch of damn vultures...

We are YOUR Fellow ITMs

You're NOT Alone


Don't be afraid to speak up! And don't be ashamed to LOVE your Airline - after all, they pay your paycheck every month and you've got amazing, passionate, fun coworkers. They put their full faith in YOU when they hired you! No job is perfect, and Virgin America isn't either. 


Despite what you may have heard, there are LOTS of ITMs who are voting NO. A 59% MAJORITY voted NO last time! 
Whether you feel that we don't need a union at all, or you feel that we're better off researching other options (other unions, or an in-house/independent association), WE are your Fellow ITMs who will vote NO to TWU.

What do they make? Here's where some of YOUR dues would go, if we voted TWU in as our third party representatives:


Please send us YOUR testimonial, video clip, or anonymous comments on why you feel strongly we should vote NO on TWU.

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